chore list template

Check out this useful chore list template to keep yourself organized at home. Are you forgetting things on your list? Are you struggling to get kids to help you at home? We have the perfect solutions for you. Keep reading.

Free chore list template you can print at home

A chore list template is the single most useful tool anyone can use to avoid forgetting what they have to do and start getting things done.

  • They are effective and easy to use. Even a child can use them.
  • You don’t have to waste money to get them. Some recycling paper and a functional printer will do.
  • They can improve the way we think and approach chores, as we apply critical thinking, and logic to solve our problems and tasks one by one.
  • They are highly beneficial for kids and adults alike.

Do you need more convincing?

Learn to create the best chore lists

Here are a few tips to create the perfect chore list for you. You’ll need to print out one of them to follow along:

  1. When creating your list, try to put the hardest things on top. The hardest ones are those you don’t want to do. They will get you tired both mentally and physically. You have to put them at the top because once you get rid of them, you’ll be able to relax while performing the next ones.
  2. Think in terms of time. Try to set a starting and ending hour for each task. This will save you a lot of time, but also, it will allow you to focus your efforts more efficiently in those periods.

chore list template for kids

  1. Allow yourself to rest. After each hard task, add some time to relax, sit, or lay down for a second, and close your eyes. A power nap is very useful as well. After that, you can keep going.
  2. Once you start a task, avoid distractions, as they can lure you to start other unplanned tasks.
  3. Add a checkmark to the things you’ve done. This will ease your anxiety because the things you still have to get done will appear to be less.
  4. Get yourself a prize. Pat yourself in the back when you get things done. Get your favorite meal, pop a bottle, or get some extra dessert. It will be your organizational cheat-meal.

Download the best chore list template here

We’ve created two different chore list that will improve your efficiency and time usage every day. As usual, we’ve created one for kids (who can highly benefit from this practice), and one for adults. Kids will enjoy this different and approach to chores while keeping themselves occupied.

PDF for kids.

PDF for adults.