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If you already checked out our bingo card templates and had some fun with them, these bingo card templates will keep the fun going. Learn here how to create the best bingo cards at home with this simple and free template.

Printable blank bingo cards: Make your own bingo cards

Bingo is a classic game. It’s simple, fun, and anyone can play it regardless of skill or math prowess. If you’re under lockdown without a table game, bingo is the perfect solution to this issue. And no, it’s not a game for old people.

The rules of this game are very easy.

  • There’s a caller who tells the other players the random numbers that are selected randomly.
  • The players then have to mark down said numbers if they appear in their bingo cards.
  • Once they fill out their cards or fill out the spaces with the word bingo, they have to let the others know and claim their prize.

In the old days, playing this game was harder, as you would need some prop to pick the numbers randomly. In this article, you’ll learn how to play bingo at home without them and how to create your own bingo cards cheaply at home with our bingo card template.

Make your own bingo cards in four easy steps with our bingo card templates

Doing this is very easy and we’ve made sure to create several options for you to do it efficiently. If you don’t know how to use Excel or a Paint-like tool, these are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Download the empty bingo card templates.
  2. Print them by sending them to the printer.
  3. Cut them out of the sheet.
  4. And fill them with random numbers (ordered differently in each card) from 1 to 100.

bingo card template

If you do know how to use excel or have access to a drawing app, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the empty bingo card templates in JPG or Excel format.
  2. Open them using the right app (Excel, Paint, or similar ones).
  3. Fill them using randomly generated bingo numbers. You can use this online tool to generate them and this one to randomize them before placing them in the templates.
  4. Print them.
  5. Cut them out of the sheet.

Even though the second list of steps seems longer, it offers the best results. You’ll get awesome bingo cards that you won’t have to fill by hand.

Get ready for bingo night

After that, you can:

  • Print another sheet with the same random numbers you picked, cut out each number and place them in a bowl. Pick one number at the time until the winner is decided.
  • Or download an app where you can introduce the numbers you’ve picked, scramble them, and pick one at the time.

After that, it’s only a matter of time before the first family-friendly, table-game feuds start. Enjoy.

Download the best printable blank bingo cards here

Below, you’ll find two different formats to pick from, each one in JPG, PDF, and Excel format. Each template comes in standard letter size, so pick a font size anywhere between 24pt and 36pt to get good results (if you plan to fill them in a computer, that is).


Printable blank bingo cards #1. JPGPDFExcel

Printable blank bingo cards #2: JPGPDFExcel