chore list for kids

Kids and teenagers can be inordinate, but, with our printable chore list for kids and teenagers, you can address this issue at home. Are they missing online classes during a lockdown? Are they forgetting to clean their rooms? Not anymore.

Free printable chore charts for kids and teenagers

Even though it might seem trivial, a printable chore chart for teens can be very useful to help a teenager organize themselves. It also works wonders with kids, but you’ll need to apply slightly different methods.

Printable chore list for kids

With kids, helping them get organized is all about patience. They can be taught just about anything, regardless of their age, if you have the right amount of patience (optimally, an infinite amount). When they reach the age of five (or before), you can start teaching them organizing methods. After that, you just have to introduce them to a chore chart, to keep track of everything once they know how to do it.

They won’t become logistic directors on day one, so you’ll need to teach them using appropriate methods. And, as usual, it all starts with their toys and playtime. Teach them to put everything in its place after playing, and start adding chores after that. If you do this soon enough, you will have an organized teenager in the future.

Printable chore charts for teens

With teenagers, you will need patience, but also a lot of empathy. You have to keep in mind that, depending on their age, they’re undergoing changes, and hormones might be taking the wheel sometimes. You can’t just force them to do things they don’t want to, because they will perceive you as a threat. Instead, you have to be patient, earn their trust, and then start giving them that same trust back. After that, you can introduce the chore list.

printable chore charts for teens

Eventually, they will know that you trust them to do the right things when they have to, even if they don’t want to. After all, that’s the meaning of responsibility.

This is not an easy process, but if you apply it correctly, it can work well in the end. Remember that it’s always better to start them young.

Download the best Printable chore list for kids and teens.

These are the best printable chore charts you can get. The one for kids is simple, much more colorful, and easier to use. The ones for teens is more specific about the tasks, dates/hour, and description of the said task (notes). Happy organization.

Chore chart for kids PDF Weekly organization.

Chore chart for teenagers PDFWeekly organization.