Multiplication tables from 1 to 30

If your children have already mastered multiplication tables from 1 to 20, then this multiplication table from 1 to 30 is the next step. With this table, you’ll give them a lot of advantages to face what could be their favorite class; math. Are you ready to try it?

Free printable multiplication table from 1 to 30 (pdf)

When talking about math, the more practice, the better; which is why this multiplication table from 1 to 30 will be very useful to you and your children. 

At school, kids will usually learn the multiplication tables from 1 to 12, even though there’s a lot more to learn after that. As a result of this need, we have created a multiplication table that reaches 30, to complete their knowledge even more. Why is this helpful? Well, as they advance in math, arithmetical procedures grow in difficulty, making them hard for children to grasp completely. However, that doesn’t have to be the case with your children. If you’re really interested in your kid’s education, our multiplication tables will help them out a lot.

How? By getting them used to multiply with bigger numbers. This is sometimes overlooked by teachers, who jump straight to more difficult math problems. If you give your children a sip of this knowledge beforehand, they will be more than prepared to face them.

Why is math so important anyway?

As kids advance from school, middle, and high school, and then become young adults, and go to college, they will see a lot of math everywhere. So, we know for a fact that multiplication is not the end of their mathematicians’ career. If you want to help them have the confidence to advance easily throughout the different stages of their education, you have to help them at home to build it brick by brick. And this is not only limited to their education.

math multiplication solving kids

Important areas like their daily life, work, and just about everything that has to do with dates, have math behind it. And finally, an overlooked benefit of nailing multiplication and other simple processes from the so-called “math toolbox”, will help him with problem-solving. This will give him a much more logical sense to solve problems, which can come in handy in most situations of their grown-up lives. Convinced yet?

Download the multiplication tables from 1 to 30 here

Here, you can download for free the two different versions available we have for you. Make sure to also check out the blank version, which is great to reinforce their skills.

In PDF version to print it with just a few clicks.

 And in the XLSX version, so you’re able to modify it and print it later.


Multiplication tables from 1 to 30 excel