Created by Milton-Bradley, Yahtzee is a fun dice game that depends on both luck and on strategy. The gameplay also requires keeping track of the scores as you go, which makes some form of scorecard necessary.

When you buy Yahtzee at the store, the board game only comes with one pad of score sheets, so when you run out, it’s time to source out new score cards. That’s probably why you’re here; to download printable Yahtzee scorecards like these free ones we created a while back.

Free Printable Yahtzee Score Card (PDF)

We continue to have all you Yahtzee heads covered. What’s neat is that in recent times, a lot of players have switched to playing Yahtzee online. It’s simpler when it comes to tracking scores, and you can also play it with friends even if you’re not physically in the same room. That being said, playing the game in person is a whole different experience and one we’d recommend trying out.

This post features four new and different Yahtzee scorecards for you to print out and use as you play. Do you need rules on how to play Yahtzee? This post gives the way to play and some suggestions on best strategies.

Yahtzee is about trying to accumulate as many points as possible by rolling five dice. Each turn the player may roll three times, and pick which dice they would like to re-roll each time. The namesake of the game is when you roll 5 dice of one kind.

free yahtzee score cards

To print the above Yahtzee score card in PDF format, click here.

Yahtzee, although a game of chance because of the dice, is also a game of skill. Deciding which dice to re-roll is a decision that can affect the outcome of the game. You can only score each box in the scorecard once per game, so it’s important to strategize to get the most points possible.

blank yahtzee score sheets to print

Enjoy a night at home playing Yahtzee board games with these scorecards. If you’re looking to make family night a little spicier, you can put down a wager using loose change from the swear jar or buy Dogecoin. To download the above Yahtzee scoreboard as a PDF, click here.


One basic strategy is that if you can’t get to a high-scoring roll, use up the ones or twos section. They won’t give you as many points as other sections, but you also won’t use up a high-scoring section that you might need later!

Printable yahtzee score sheets

To download the blank yahtzee score card image as a PDF, click here.

If you need a bigger scorecard to read, we’ve made this one larger for you – it only has space to mark two games, so you may have to print multiples!

yahtzee scoresheets pdf

To download the above Yahtzee score sheets as a PDF, click here.

Do you need more tips on how to win yahtzee? Check out these strategies for how to win! (Don’t worry, you don’t have to memorize them all at once – Take a few at a time and test them out!)

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