Fraction to decimal conversion chart printerfriendly

When kids reach 4th grade, they’re introduced to fractions and decimals in math, which means this printable decimal to fraction conversion chart can be very useful for them to master these concepts. How good is your child at fractions?

Printable decimal to the fraction conversion chart

Fractions and decimals are discovering that numbers can be divided into thousands of thousands of ways, without a real limit. That can be a very overwhelming concept, and many kids seem to have a rough time trying to learn it. Is your kid one of those?

If that’s the case, or if you want to prepare your kid for this upcoming challenge, you can use our decimal to the fraction conversion chart to do it easily. With this simple chart, you’ll be able to teach kids simple progressions that they need to know to master the relationship between decimals and fractions.

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When they use it, they will be able to spot fractions when looking at common decimal numbers and vice-versa. That’s a very useful skill that will make them ace through 4th and 5th grade altogether.

How to use this chart?

To teach kids how decimals and fractions work, they have to know the four basic math procedures; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once they master those types of procedures, they’ll be able to move on to really learn what a unit (1) means.

  • Try their skills of the four basic math procedures with our 4th grade math worksheets. If they ace through these, they’re more than ready for the next step.
  • Make them go through the knowledge they learned at school about fractions and decimals. They should learn this deeply.
  • Let them study the chart.

That’s it.

Download the best printable decimal to fraction conversion chart here

Below you’ll find the best decimal to fraction chart in PDF. You can easily print it and visualize it in all kinds of devices, so you can help your kid practice fractions on the go. They will thank you in the future.

Printable decimal fraction conversion chart in PDF.