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Printable Brackets for Playoffs, Tournaments

Welcome to, we provide free printable brackets and schedules in print friendly formats (PDF) for multiple sporting events. Our site allows you to view, download, and save printable tournament brackets for the following playoff tournaments:

Or you can can choose a completely blank bracket to print out. All of our printable brackets are free and unique to our site. We create each one of our brackets so you won’t be able to get them anywhere else.

Why Are They Called Brackets?

Tournament bracket likely derived from mathematical representations of square brackets.  These square brackets [ ] are used in equations, and because tournament brackets resemble a bunch of these brackets, interconnected, this is where the term “tournament brackets” came from.

Why Are They Called Tournament Brackets?

A playoff bracket is a tree diagram that represents the matchup between teams in a series of matches during a multi-team tournament. The tournament bracket was named as such because the connected diagrams resemble wide brackets.