connect the dots for kids

Download here the most useful printable connect the dots for kids. These will be very useful to keep children of up to 10 years old occupied and nurture their minds. Are you offering them the right stimuli?

Print connect the dot worksheets for kids (Difficulty: Easy)

Puzzles are among the best learning tools children can have access to. Not only they are challenging, but they’re also interesting, and fun to solve, which makes them the perfect approach to learning.

That’s why we’ve created three interesting and very easy to connect the dots for kids. These will keep the occupied as they learn:

  • To count up to 50 (5 years old and above)
  • To solve problems.
  • Spatial awareness and 2D object composure.
  • And more.

Do you want to help your children with the best worksheet? These are the ones you need to get.

How to use these worksheets?

These puzzles are very simple, but only kids who have learned or are learning numbers up to 50 can use them. Here’s how to explain it to them:

  1. It all starts with the number 1. What comes next? Number 2. Between those numbers, you will draw a line (from 1 to 2).
  2. The next number is 3. Between the last number, that being 2, you’ll draw a new line.
  3. Do the same until the last number to get a drawing.

With these three steps, you’ll be able to teach your kid how to solve this puzzle. They won’t hesitate to fix it, as most kids get curious if you tell them it is a drawing, and they get excited when they see it’s true.

connect the dots for kids worksheets

This will help improve their creativity as well, so expect them to be drawing in the next couple of hours. Do you like these puzzles? Check out the ones we created for adults.

Download the best connect the dots for kids

We’ve created three different worksheets for kids. Each one has a different difficulty, so kids who are still learning the numbers can use them. They come in printable PDF files.


Connect the dots for kids – Worksheet 1 (Extra easy – 1 to 20)

Connect the dots for kids – Worksheet 2 (Easy – 1 to 40)

Connect the dots for kids – Worksheet 3 (Not so easy – 1 to 50)