Bill of sale for car with guides

Are you trying to sell a car, but you don’t have a printable bill of sale for car? That might be illegal. But don’t worry, because here at Printerfriendly we’ve covered the basics with our bill of sale for car template. Learn more about it & download it in full size below.

Printable, free bill of sale for car, automobiles, and vehicles (PDF)

Having a printable bill of sale for a car to sell your vehicle is not only a formality, as it might be a legal document that’s necessary to prove ownership. Depending on the state you’re in, this might be one of the documents the buyer has to have to prove the vehicle you sold to them is theirs. 

If you’re trying to buy or sell a car, you’ll have to provide a copy of this document to the other party. This will make things more official in the present, as well as easier in the future (if you’re the buyer, that is). Why? Because some insuring companies require this document to decide on whether they insure your car or not. You should also follow other safety recommendations when buying a car.

How to use this document? 

Using this document is not hard and you can use it even if you’re making a private transaction. Here’s how to:

  • Print out this document. We’ve created two different PDFs; one with guides, and one without them. Pick the one that suits your needs.
  • Meet the other party. Depending on the state you’re in, you might need their signature to proceed with the transaction. Even if you don’t, you should get it to make things as official as possible. 
  • If you want to use this document for other legal purposes, you might want to notarize it.
  • Once you sign things (and notarize the document), you’re all set. 

Bill of sale for car without guides - blank

Keep in mind that you might also need to add extra information to the bill of sale depending on the state you’re in. In some states, you can’t sell a car that’s registered in other states without re-registering them. If the car has insurance, you have to inform the company of the transaction. Finally, some states require that you show mileage (somewhere in the document). Find this and more regulations here.

Download the best printable bill of sale for car

You’ll find two different documents in PDF. One of them comes with a completely blank template, and the other one with guides. Make sure to download the right one. Happy selling.