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If you’re locked at home because of the pandemic, you would certainly find (more than) a couple of printable bingo cards useful to spend some quality time with your family. Are you a bingo-lover? These are the cards for you. Learn more below.

Free printable bingo cards in PDF

Here at Printerfriendly, we’re also stuck at home like you because of the lockdowns. There’s not a single day that passes without boredom. Aside from that, days don’t get any better, and instead of being spent pacifically at home, we’re getting more stressed with bad news and social media negativity.

That’s why we’ve created a couple of new printable bingo cards to drift away from so much negativity. Not only that, but we have a whole game’s category, filled with interesting games, and printable hobbies for you to check out, whether you’re alone or with family at home.

In this case, we’ve created some free bingo cards to print that will be very useful to create a familiar environment and cheer up the mood with good ol’ bingo. Are you in?

How to use these cards?

Bingo is a classical game that, really, couldn’t be easier. Anyone of any age can play bingo at home with a few family members. Here’s how to set up bingo night in four simple steps:

  1. Download and print our bingo cards. We designed them to take advantage of the space in a regular letter sheet.
  2. After that, cut out the cards you’re going to use and put away the rest of the sheet. You can also cut them all and play with several cards per person, to make things more interesting.
  3. You can download an app to generate random numbers and letters.
  4. Finally, gather your family and start playing. If you’re not sure about the rules of the game, you can always check out this resource.

printable bingo cards set 2

Bingo is a game where the winner actually gets a prize. That’s why you can add one to the mix to make things more competitive and interesting.

During the lockdown, getting children to do the chores might be a difficult task. Let’s face it, most of us have turned into couch potatoes. You can change that by betting house chores. Something simple like “the winner doesn’t have to do house chores for a week” will keep everyone excited and hoping to win. If you have some extra budget, the prize could be anything, like Amazon’s gift cards. If a week without shores won’t make them interested, that might.

Download the best free printable bingo cards here

We’ve created two different pages in PDF that you can download for free. Each one contains a different set of simple bingo cards for you to use. Simply print them, cut out the cards, and let the games begin. Additionally, you can download both sets in Excel format to fill them however you want. Enjoy.


Bingo cards set #1 – PDFExcel

Bingo cards set #2 – PDFExcel