Are you looking for some connect the dots for adults to spice up this interesting hobby? In this article, we’ll show you three of the most difficult ones to share with your friends and family. Let’s get started.

Printable connect the dot worksheets for adults (Difficulty: Hard)

Even though connect the dots worksheets are a simple game inspired in children’s worksheets, adults can have some fun with them as well. When the difficulty of one of these drawings increases, they are turned into some pretty interesting puzzles. Anyone can have a hard time (or a good time) solving these, especially those blessed with extra patience, like parents and grandparents.

These are the perfect gift for them, and we’ve created some of the best ones for you.

How to solve these?

This game/worksheet is easily solvable, but that depends directly on the number of dots, which increases with the complexity of the drawing. Here’s what you have to do to solve them:

  • Start with number 1 and make your way up to 100.
  • Keep another sheet around to take notes whenever you reach a milestone or the last number you pointed if you have to stop.
  • If you’re taking too long, take some minutes to rest your sight, as it can be somewhat demanding.
  • Stop and look at the drawing you’ve created so far. It can be helpful to know what the drawing is about.

Use these three steps until you unveil the drawing. Using these exercises and other puzzles are vital to keeping a sharp mind. Kids and adults can benefit from it. Kids will learn logic, master the numbers, and more. Adults can use them in their spare time as a form of meditation or as a challenging hobby that will help prevent senile amnesia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Download the best printable connect the dots for adults

We’ve created three different drawings that anyone would love to solve. Each of them comes with more than 100 dots, so the ones solving them will spend some time doing so. These are the perfect present for people who love puzzles, like grandparents, and friends. Simply print them and give it to them; they’ll surely appreciate the gesture.