bubble letter l

Are you looking for bubble letter ‘L’ designs to customize your team’s uniform? Get here some free to use ideas and resources to create the new uniform for you and your teammates. We’ve created four different designs to suit your needs and inspire you.

Printable letter L: Bubble ‘L’ letter, block, graffiti and fancy stencils

Personalizing your team’s uniform is a good idea if you’re serious about competing in any sport, pro or amateur. This works for all kinds of teams in different types of sports, including e-sports. All the major teams have created awesome-looking designs to go with their team image. Why shouldn’t you? Get the best ideas below.

How to create a good design for your team’s uniform?

Depending on the sport you practice or games you play, you might want to use certain type of font to differentiate you from other teams. We’ve created four basic fonts that can work as inspiration for you and your teammates. Also, it’s worth mentioning that not only you can put these in t-shirts, you can also add them to logos, create banners, and more pieces of equipment, like hats and gloves.

Bubble letter ‘L’

If you’re in charge of creating uniforms for kids, you have to consider bubble letter, like this ‘L’. It’s simple, curved, and goes will with colorful designs. You can check out other letters we’ve created and use them to write full names, like the name of the team, of that of each player. Awesome for kid’s soccer, baseball, and even swimming teams.

Bubble letter L - White

Fancy cursive ‘L’

This one is more mature, perfect to create uniforms and write names for serious sports or teams. Chess players, tennis players, and even poker player will look outstandingly good with uniforms created with these fonts. Also, it’s a great idea to use simple black and white colored shirts and accessories, as these combine more with the nature of the font.

Fancy letter L

Graffiti letter ‘L’

This type of font goes great with action sports, like skating, surfing, and even for football. These are perfect to add to a team of amateur football. You can use bright colors, like electric orange and bright yellow, in helmets, gloves, and more.

Block letter ‘L’

If you simply want to write the names of each teammate in the back of their uniform, you can use these fonts. We recommend using a thick outline to make them easily readable in uniforms of any color.

Download the best bubble letter ‘L’ and other designs below

These designs can be really helpful to represent your teammate’s and yourself anywhere you go. Are you inspired? Then check out the designs we’ve created for the letter ‘k’ and ‘m’ to find more inspiration.