bubble letter B

Are you looking for inspiration to design a fancy or a bubble letter ‘B’? Find here exactly what you need. Check them below.

Printable letter ‘B’: Free bubble letter, block, graffiti, and fancy stencils

The letter ‘B’ is like the number two of letters. In English, there are thousands of words that start with it, and thousands more that use it before that. That’s why we’ve created four interesting designs for you to get as creative as possible with it.

You can use them to create new designs, logos, signs, and a lot of DIY ideas. Are you ready to start creating?

Bubble letter ‘B’

This bubble letter ‘B’ is as round as it gets. If you want to start a balloon-selling business, a bubble gum factory, or an inflatable castle lease business, this is the type of font you should use. It’s all about branding these days and having the right font to go with your business is key.

bubble letter B design

Block letter ‘B’

If you don’t care about looks, and just want to deliver a simple message, the basic block letter ‘B’ is the way to go. It’s serious and straight forward. Ironically, it’s the kind of letter you should use when creating protest signs (for whatever cause) and banners for purposefully dull office parties.

Fancy cursive ‘B’

If you’re the type of person that says “bollocks” or whose name is “Benjamin”, you probably want to use this font. It’s the type of font a fancy restaurant, a golf club, or cheesy letter necklaces would have. Some people even like to use them in tattoos, and that’s ok, too.

Graffiti letter ‘B’

If you’re into street art, street culture, and more alike, you will definitely like this graffiti letter ‘B’. It’s a simple design, reminiscent of street “vandalism”. If you’re a so-called 90’s kid who still owns a skateboard, you’ll want this in a t-shirt for sure.

graffiti letter B

Download the best ‘B’ font stencils and cutouts here

We created two PDF files for each type of letter font. You can get a full-page design, so you can create big messages with these letters, or several letters packed in one sheet, so you can create several letter cutouts of smaller size. If you like them, share this resource with your friends. Also, we’ve created four awesome designs of the letter ‘A’, and letter ‘C’.