bubble letter orange

Find here the most interesting letter ‘I’ in bubble fonts, block, graffiti, and fancy cursive designs. These are free to get, without watermarks, and you can use them for any purpose you might think of. Learning, teaching, for-profit, and much more.

Printable letter ‘I’: Write letter ‘i’ in bubble, block, graffiti, and fancy fonts

The letter ‘I’ is the simplest letter ever, along with the letter A. Simply draw a line and put a point on top to make the minuscule version, and make that same line without a dot on top to make the caps version. But, is that it?

Creating interesting letters is not part of the language, which is why is up to you to teach kids (and yourself) that you can make a letter differently without making it lose its meaning. In this article, you’ll find four different interesting designs of the letter ‘I’. You’ll also be able to download it to create cutouts, stencils, drawing, and coloring exercises for kids, banners, and much, much more. Your creativity is the limit.

Printable bubble letter ‘I’

The first design is based on bubbles. Kids love them, and you can use them to improve their creativity and teach them the importance of individuality. These make awesome drawing and coloring exercises.

bubble letter i

Printable graffiti letter ‘I’

This printable graffiti letter ‘I’ is simple but cool. You can use it in tattoos, sticker designs, t-shirts, and more. Always keeping in mind to represent where you come from.

graffiti letter I

Printable cursive letter ‘I’

Cursive letters usually represent fanciness, high prices, and richness. If you want to create something with a touch of fanciness and style, this cursive letter ‘I’ design in the upper case is perfect to accomplish it.

Block letter ‘I’ stencil

With the block-type of letters, you can create useful cutouts. These great to use in stickers, as stencils to paint messages in walls, to create easy-to-read banners and signs, and much more. We wouldn’t recommend other fonts like graffiti fonts for this.

Download the best bubble letter ‘I’ and other fonts here

Each of these designs will be very useful to you depending on the use you want to give them. You wouldn’t want’ to write a sign with cursive or graffiti letters, nor get a tattoo of a dull block letter ‘I’. A little planning will help you get it right. Check the letter ‘H’ and letter ‘J’ to multiply your options.