Fax cover sheet simple

The printable fax cover sheet is a very important part of any business, whether it uses the traditional fax system or an online version.

Printable fax cover sheets

In the traditional way of the organization some businesses used to apply to their small and big companies, the fax was highly important. Nowadays, some companies still use the same information distribution system, and some use a 2.0 online version that suits their immediate needs.

Why are they important?

You might wonder why the fax cover sheet is still important, and we got an answer for you.

You see, when organizing all the messages a company receives or sends to other companies or their own employees, there’s the need of some rules. The fax system was the first method applied to distribute messages in large companies, and the mentioned rules were created to make the system efficient. One of the basic rules for sending a fax is filling a cover sheet with all the important information needed so the message gets to their receptor. That cover sheet is sent before the rest of the information. Example:

Imagine working in the offices of a large company along with more than 30 other employees. A secretary receives a message via fax, but the receptor of this message is not specified. The message says simply “you’re fired” and has the logo of the company. The one who sends that message just caused chaos.

That’s the importance of the detailed fax cover.

[detailed fax cover sheet

Information in fax cover sheets

There are many different formats of fax cover sheets with different spaces for important information. Some specify everything, from the logo of the company, their contact numbers, the receptor of the message, how many pages come next, to even the subject of the message that comes after. There’s no specific format for each company, so you can pick the one you like the most for yours.

Download here free printable fax cover sheet

We have 2 different formats that you can download and easily utilize for your personal brand.

  • Simple/standard fax cover: download here in JPG or PDF


  • Detailed fax cover: download here in JPG or PDF