Our cursive letter ‘S’ worksheets are the most convenient hands-on method of improving your cursive writing. All you have to do is print them out, fill them a couple of times until you master their shape, and start practicing using them in your classy hand-written letters and more. Even signatures can be improved by them. Read on to learn more.

Cursive ‘S’ worksheets: Practice uppercase ‘S’ and lowercase ‘s’ letters

The cursive ‘S’ letter is a very interesting font that can be done several ways. There’s more to it than meets the eye; it’s a rather complicated letter that has opposing curves, which can be hard to master for those being introduced to cursive writing.

In this article, we’ll discuss a simple method you can use to draw each letter, and improve your writing skills. Let’s get started.

How to write a cursive ‘S’

A cursive letter ‘S’ is comprised of two opposing curves in its uppercase form. You can start the letter from the upper or the lower end; this is based in your preference. For us, the easiest way of starting it is from the top-down. Start drawing a horizontal ‘U’ tilted to the right, and when you reach the second horizontal peak, draw a similar ‘U’, but inverted.

The lowercase version, has a more inverted-wave look to it, which can be confusing for small kids. Simply start from the bottom, and draw a fin-like shape that tilts slightly to the left, and then complete the shape with a similar line that separates from the starting line. You can add a tiny half infinite-sign to continue to the next letter. And that’s it.

Free cursive ‘S’ practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

The free cursive ‘S’ worksheet we’ve created allows you to practice both shapes sequentially, so you can master their shapes easily. Keep in mind that you can modify the shapes to add a little bit more flair and your personal style.

letter 's' worksheets upper and lowercase 's'

Capital ‘S’ worksheet (uppercase) for kids

If your kids are struggling with just the uppercase version of the letter, you can use the individual uppercase letter ‘S’ writing worksheet. It will allow him to master the movement and create muscle memory to replicate this letter after a few practice sessions.

letter 's' worksheets uppercase 's'

Lowercase cursive ‘S’ worksheet

Of course, the lowercase letter ‘S’ has also a little bit of difficulty, and since it’s not similar to the uppercase version, it can be confusing. If you want them to master it, we recommend that he practices the lowercase cursive shape, and then use the sequential version of both letters to improve his writing flow.

letter ‘S’ worksheets

Print and download cursive ‘S’ worksheets

Download the best cursive letter ‘S’ worksheets below. All the worksheets mentioned above can be downloaded for free in this bundled PDF. Keep in mind that you can print and use just the pages you need by modifying your printing options. Also, don’t forget to check out our letter ‘R’ and ‘T’ cursive worksheets to master all letters.

  • Cursive letter ‘S’ worksheets – PDF.