free face mask pattern

Are you looking for a pattern for a face mask? Find here the most useful and free face mask patterns you can get on the internet. Protect your family with this effective, cheap, and homemade safety measure. Let’s get right into it.

Free face mask pattern for Covid-19

The pandemic has decimated face mask stores all over the world, which is why, now more then ever, we need options protect ourselves from an unseen threat. If you want to have a good and effective layer of protection for your family, you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of bucks for a mask. Some people are not able to get them safely either, not even from Amazon.

These masks are prioritized for health professional only..

That’s why we’ve created a great and free face mask pattern that will help you and your loved ones with this issue. One pattern to protect them all. With scientists finally proving that home made masks are more effective if done in a certain way, we have a good chance of fighting off the virus. Learn how below.

A free face mask pattern that will fit any face

We’ve created a face mask pattern that will fit anyone, regardless of size and age. Here is what you need to know to create an effective homemade face cover with our free face mask pattern:

  • 100% cotton-made shirts are good materials to use. Of course, make sure to use one that’s not worn out or has holes in it.
  • If you will use cotton, make sure to add two layers, as this will create a more efficient and intricate microscopic mesh which will difficult the virus’ path into your respiratory system.
  • You can also use tea cloth, also known as dish cloth. Again, the more layers it has, the better.
  • Our design comes with space to fit the chin, which will protect others from the air you breathe out.
  • Keep both safety and comfort in mind, and try them on while you make them to ensure the fit is right.

To fit every face, simply cut the recommended pattern for age group. You can also pick a bigger size or make modifications to make perfect the fit.

Download our effective face cover pattern below.

Keep in mind that homemade masks are not perfect. However, if you don’t have another choice, they are between 50% and 65% efficacy, which is much better than 0%. Protect your family while spending less.