Are you looking for a kids face mask pattern? Find here the best homemade kids face mask patterns you can find online and teach your children how to protect themselves from the pandemic. Let’s get right into it.

Kid and child-sized face mask patterns

There’s no doubt that children are affected by Covid-19. They are a direct victim from this rapidly-spreading disease, which is why protecting them with the best possible measures you can afford. Ideally, they shouldn’t even be exposed to it by going out. However, we know this is not realistic, even with modern world tools like Zoom for them to receive online classes.

size s facemask pattern for teenagers

The truth is, if you have to let your kids go out, you can protect them from the virus using a simple homemade mask. That’s why we’ve created highly-effective kid and child-sized face mask patterns to help you provide them with this vital safety measure.

How to use kids’ face mask pattern?

Kid’s face masks are a little bit different from their adult counterparts in that they have to meet certain requirements:

  • They need to have a tighter (but comfortable) fit they can wear whenever they are in public spaces.
  • They have to be properly built with the right materials and recommendations to achieve a higher efficacy rate.
  • They also have to be easily attachable to kid’s faces, preferably attaching them behind the head instead of the ears.

Keep in mind that all of these requirements are not as vital as teaching them how to use masks properly whenever they are outside. Other safety measures are key, like teaching them how to remove the masks when they get home, how to dispose of them, or wash them to re-utilize them in another time. Check out the tips and face masks patterns we’ve shared before, and be sure to apply them to create a nearly-perfect face mask for your children.


Download the best kids face mask patterns below

We’ve created three different kids face mask patterns for you to download for free. Each of them was created for different age groups; teenagers, kids of up to 12, and small children. However, pick the one that suit’s your children’s needs the best. You can also check out the adult’s version of these masks, if you need a bigger size for them or any family member.

  • Teen face mask – PDF
  • Kids from 7 to 12 years – PDF
  • Kids of up to 7 years-old – PDF