homemade printable face mask pattern adult size M

Find here the best printable face mask pattern you can find to create customized masks at home. With the supply of masks running low on some places around the world, even in America, people have started creating homemade masks. Not only they are effective to protect you from viruses and contagious conditions, but they will also look good, and adjust perfectly to the shape of your face. Find the best printable patterns here!

Face mask pattern printable

All around the world, people are following medical professional’s recommendations to prevent contagious diseases, and face masks are one of them. There’s no doubt that the efficacy rate of a face mask is high, especially if they are certified to have the best security measures. However, not everyone has access to them all the time for different reasons. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

In this article, we’ll talk about the efficacy of homemade face masks, and we’ll also share with you some patterns and instructions that will help you build an efficient one. Let’s get into it.

How efficient are homemade masks?

Homemade masks are actually a good idea to cope with the shortage of N95 certified masks. Even though it might sound like a bad idea for some, scientists conducted simple experiments that proved the efficacy of homemade masks.

homemade face mask pattern printable efficacy

That’s why, if you want to contribute staying protected, while protecting your family, they are a great option. Without buying the N95 masks that health professionals in direct contact with the disease should use, you also avoid contributing to the shortage of masks. Win-win!

How to create an efficient homemade face mask with our printable patterns?

Our face mask printable patterns are a great resource that will make this task easier for you. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download our patterns and cut them.
  • Make a face mask with two cutouts from our pattern pasted together.
  • Test to see if the face mask fits your face properly. If not, you can check our other face mask designs.
  • Use dish cloth or tea cloth as your material to create them. This material has 60% efficacy stopping particles from different viruses.
  • You can also create good masks (with up to 50% efficacy – it’s better than nothing!) with cotton t-shirts.
  • Finally, use the cutouts of our patterns and put together a few layers of these materials.
  • Adapt one elastic band on each side.

size XL adult facemask Pattern for adults

Download the patterns you need to create mask below. Make sure to check our other face mask pattern that fits all sizes to protect all members of your family!

  • L Adult pattern – PDF
  • M Adult pattern – PDF