To get the best fitted face mask pattern you don’t need a big wallet. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best homemade face mask patterns you can use. Also, we’ll share some tips on how to give all kinds of homemade masks a perfect, more snug fit. Learn more below.

Best fitted face mask patterns

When talking about the efficacy of face masks, there are several aspects to keep in mind. There are the materials they are built with, the fit, and comfort to use it. Of course, maximizing protection with homemade masks is key. However, this doesn’t mean they can be comfortable.

Today, we’ll outline some tips anyone can use to create perfect fit face masks at home. Even though they are homemade, you can achieve an efficacy rate of up to 70%. Compared to the 0% of efficacy of wearing nothing, that’s a great improvement. Are you protecting your family the right way?

3 tips to create nearly-perfect homemade masks

These tips were created based on recommendations from medical professionals. Keep in mind that you can apply them to any of the homemade fitted face mask patterns we’ve created.

  • Use wire or pipe cleaners all around the mask’s edges to create an adjustable fit. This will make them more comfortable, easier to fit, and increase their protective efficacy.

best fit mask pattern design tips

  • Create masks using multiple layers. Covid-19 particles are microscopic and can go through materials rather easily. That’s why we can stop them more efficiently from reaching your respiratory system by creating a complicated microscopic mesh. How? Overlapping cloths of recommended materials; cotton cloths and dish cloths/tea cloths.
  • Create masks that are easily and comfortably attachable. You can use elastic bands that attach the mask using your ears. Also, you can use elastic bands that strap masks to the back of your head, which is much more comfortable.


Keep in mind that you can wear properly built homemade face masks for many hours. Even though this wasn’t recommended in the past, it has been proven that the efficacy of face masks improves at least 5% when you wear them up to three hours.

Advantages of our best fitted face mask patterns

We’ve created a pattern that will help you create a best fitted face mask, which will grant you an efficacy of up to 70%, specially if you use the tips above. Also, there’s a big advantage to wearing homemade masks; they are washable.

recommended face mask washing tips from the CDC

Finally, you can download our patter for free, and start protecting yourself and the ones you love for less than $5. Do you need a face mask made for children? We made one, too!

  • Best fitted mask pattern – adults PDF