letter ‘R’ worksheets first guide

Find here the most useful letter ‘R’ worksheets to improve your cursive writing. We’ve created a fairly basic letter ‘R’ in cursive, both in uppercase and lowercase, for you to practice your writing. Also, we’ve created a simple guide that will suit any cursive writing level. These worksheets are suitable for both kids and adults.

Cursive ‘R’ worksheets for writing practice: Capital, upper and lowercase Rs

In modern age, with so many tools that allow you to pick all kinds of pre-made fonts to write anything, having a good cursive writing is a lost art. However, we firmly believe that this skill is still vital to have. That’s why we’ve created worksheets which will help you improve each letter in cursive writing. This is a tool that, with practice, will be very valuable for you throughout your life, regardless of your age.

How to use this worksheet?

These letter ‘R’ worksheets are fairly easy to use. Here are the steps you have to follow to use them.

  • Start by downloading the worksheets in the PDF file at the bottom.
  • Print them and get start with the practice.
  • The first worksheet is an easy explanation of the letter ‘R’ in upper and lowercase. In it, you’ll know the right way to do the strokes that comprise them.
  • The second one, is to practice the shape of both versions of the letter in a sequence.
  • The third one will be helpful to practice the shape of the uppercase letter ‘R’.
  • And the last one will be helpful to practice the shape of the lowercase letter ‘r’.

letter ‘R’ worksheets

These are fairly easy to follow, simply learn how to draw them with the first worksheet, and practice both in the rest. This simple format will allow you to practice the intricate curves of the cursive letter ‘R’.

Who can use our cursive letter ‘R’ worksheets?

These are great for children, so they can learn how to write. Still, not only them can benefit from using the worksheets. Artists, designers, business men, and more could benefit from having a better cursive writing. Even retired elderly people can benefit from them, by using them to retain hand-mobility and eye-hand coordination. Plus, they’ll be able to beautifully fill crossword puzzles.

letter ‘R’ worksheets

Download the best cursive letter ‘R’ below. Don’t forget to check our other cursive worksheets for letters ‘Q’ and ‘S’ to improve all your letter’s shapes.

  • Cursive letter ‘R’ worksheets – PDF.