free blank sudoku puzzles 9x9 grid


Download here our printable blank Sudoku puzzles in PDF and create your own versions of the game.

Blank Sudoku puzzles

Sudoku is a classic mathematic-based type of puzzles created in Japan in the 1970s and introduced into the rest of the world with the globalization of the country in 2005. This game has been popular for the past years because of the mental complexity, the benefits it offers to the players, and many other rewards. This game is said to keep your brain in top health and diminish the chance of suffering Alzheimer’s disease.

How to play Sudoku

The basic version of Sudoku puzzles consists of a square grid of 9×9 boxes which at the same time are divided into subsections called regions of 3×3. This is the most used format available of the game. The basic rules are that you need to fill out the regions with numbers from 1 to 9, ordered so the overall columns and rows don’t contain repeated numbers within this range. That’s the simplest explanation. However, any game can become a headache once you reach a certain point.

At first, you receive a blank grid with pre-filled numbers in some of the gaps. Those are the “clues” you need to use to successfully fill out the entire grid.

Variations of Sudoku

There are a million types of Sudoku grids and variations of the game that include words, colors, and more complex operations with numbers. Each one of those variations poses a different difficulty that you can escalate to if you want. Still, if you’re interested in making your own Sudoku games you can also do it following certain guidelines.

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Download blank Sudoku puzzles in PDF

Here at PrinterFriendly, you’ll find the most interesting formats to create your own Sudoku puzzles. You can print these empty grids to use them as you want. Check out some uses:

  • Create puzzles for your friends.
  • Compete against your friends filling out the same puzzle in different sheets. The one who fills it first wins.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to play already made Sudoku puzzles without losing the main sheet due to guessing. With an extra grid, you can easily print out these and try as many times as you want.

You’ll be able to challenge yourself mentally with these Sudoku Puzzles.

Download the classic 9×9 grid here: in PDF and JPG

Download a Samurai Sudoku grid here: in PDF or JPG