8 team single elimination bracket

When talking about tournaments with 8 teams, PrinterFriendly has your back with the best8 team tournament bracket with the single-elimination system. You can download it for free, modify it, and get started right away with the organization of your tourney. Let us get started.

8 team tournament bracket

As you know, we have tons and tons of different brackets to suit your needs. In this case, you’ll find the 8 team single-elimination bracket with the simplest yet most effective design you can get.

8 team single elimination bracket

This bracket is balanced and is the starting point design-wise to the 9, 10, 11, 12-team brackets and more. The bracket’s first-round starts with four matches in which all the teams face each other. After that, everything goes smoothly into a final round. This type of tournament is great due to its short duration, which depending on the duration of the games and the availability of venues, it can be hosted in just one day.

That’s awesome if you’re planning a tourney with your friends of any short game of any kind; baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and even videogames. They’re widely used in the amateur world and has been used in the 2019 League of Legends World Championship as part of the brackets.

Disadvantages of the bracket’s system

The strength of this bracket relies on the way it’s organized and in the quickness with which it can be carried out. Still, it has a downside; it can be too short for some events. In those cases, you can try out different systems that make tournaments longer, like the round-robin or triple-elimination tourneys. Check out the 8-team double-elimination printable tournament bracket as a solution.

 Download the best printable 8 team tournament bracket here

PrinterFriendly is the best source for high-quality brackets that you can use in any event. To use them, you just have to download them in the format that benefits you the most. Check below the three options we offer.

8 team single elimination bracket

  • Download here in JPG format: easy to edit on mobile devices for quick tournaments.
  • Download here in XLS format: best customizable option.
  • Download here in PDF format: ready from your device to the printer.