printable handwriting paper

Do you want to improve your writing with some printable handwriting paper? Writing is a very important skill to have, as it represents a big percentage of the average communication skills humans possess. Can people understand your handwriting or are they modern hieroglyphics?

Free printable handwriting practice paper (for kindergartners and above)

Having good handwriting is an important skill in the world of today, even when we don’t write as many letters or in paper anymore. To achieve good handwriting that’s easy to understand, you need to put some practice into it, especially since we’re not getting it regularly as we used to before smartphones. Is your handwriting good?

To those looking to improve their writing skills, we have some good news. We’ve created the perfect handwriting practice papers for you to download for free.

 printable handwriting paper

How to improve your handwriting?

Handwriting is slowly disappearing from our daily activities, as it’s more useful to become skilled with a keyboard, and less so writing on paper. However, because of the same reason, handwriting is evolving into an art. Finding someone who knows how to write properly and beautifully is harder these days.

If you want to improve your handwriting, and help your kids master this skill, here we share some tips.

  • Start by downloading the PDFs you’ll find below.
  • Print the files in letter-sized sheets.
  • Get a pencil or pen and start practicing.
  • Start slowly with the first sheet, and build elasticity and strength in your hand with daily practice. You can print the file as many times as you want.
  • Print out the second (or third for more stylized letters) sheet, and start practicing your letters from A to Z, both capitalized and minuscules. Repeat this drill as many times as you want or need.
  • Print out the third sheet, and practice your speed. Draw each shape as fast and as accurately as you can. You can challenge yourself using a chronometer.

After a month of daily practice, you’ll be able to improve your handwriting aesthetically, and also the speed with which you can write.

 printable handwriting paper

To help out kids, you can take a similar, but more patient approach. They will need supervision and a slower progression through each sheet. Also, the results depend a lot on their age. Kids of 6 to 10 years old can achieve better results with the second and third drills, but you can introduce 5-year-olds to the first one easily.

Download the best handwriting practice paper for kids and adults here

Below you’ll find four different sheets with the best handwriting drills to try out. With enough practice, anyone can achieve perfect handwriting. The second and third sheets contain regular and script-style letters respectively, so you can learn to write them however you like.

Handwriting practice paper drills – Sheet 1.

Handwriting practice paper regular letters – Sheet 2.

Handwriting practice paper script letters – Sheet 3.

Handwriting practice paper speed drills – Sheet 4.