printable graph paper pdf

Are you looking for printable graph paper PDF alternatives? We’ve created the most useful grid paper patterns in PDF for you to download for free. Learn more about this useful type of paper below.

Free and printable graph paper in PDF (full page)

Graph paper is something everyone has used at least once in their lives. It’s nothing fancy; several parallel horizontal and vertical lines that cover a sheet, forming a grid that has many uses. The most common uses for grid paper are:

  • Solving mathematical problems in an organized manner.
  • Creating graphics with bars, lines, and more alike.
  • Representing mathematical coordinates.
  • Drawing all kinds of geometrical shapes or for freehand drawing training.
  • And to practice calligraphy.

Regardless of how you plan to use them, we’ve created three different full-page graph paper designs. You can download them for free and start improving your writing skills, solving math problems, or your drawing skills.

Basic grid paper.

One of the designs we created is a basic grid paper with a separation between lines of 0.5cm. This paper is very useful for extra precise drawings, sketches, architectural designs, or advanced graphics. Make sure to print it in a US letter-sized sheet. Also, you’ll have to use a fine pen with it to achieve good results.

printable graph paper pdf

Medium grid paper.

The second grid paper we created has a separation between lines of 1cm. This one is more suited to draw curves, geometric shapes, and all kinds of graphics. You can also use it to solve mathematical exercises like equations or long-form divisions. Pair it with our mathematics worksheets for, say, 7th graders, and you’re ready to improve your math skills.

printable 1 cm graph paper in pdf

Large grid paper.

The last design is a large grid paper. It comes with a separation between lines of 3cm, which makes each square significantly bigger than the last two. It is highly useful for kids to master basic geometric shape drawing or for artists to practice freehand body drawings. Graphic designers can also use it to draw branding elements, such as fonts, logotypes, and more.

Download the best full-page printable graph paper PDFs here

Below you’ll find the download links for each one of our grid papers designs. Download them all and print them as many times as you want. They are free to use and don’t have annoying watermarks, so you can use them as you please.