ketogenic diet food list pdf

Are you looking for a ketogenic diet food list pdf? Find here some of the best tips regarding this awesome and effective diet, as well as a full meal list and quick recipes to follow in 30 days.

Printable ketogenic diet food list and 30-day plan (PDF)

The Ketogenic diet is among the most effective diet plans people can follow to take advantage of many benefits, which include improved energy throughout the day, and weight loss. This type of diet is used mainly by athletes, mostly because they can outweigh the possible risks of this diet.

You see, not anyone can use it. Why? Because of its main principle; substituting carbohydrates with healthy fats as a main source of energy. That means you will diminish the number of carbs you eat in a day, substitute them with complex carbs, and eat a lot of healthy fats. This is not an easy task and not everyone’s body can adapt successfully to this type of diet.

That’s why you should always ask a physician before trying out any diet.

How does the diet work?

As we said above, you increase healthy fats and avoid eating too many carbs. This causes your body to enter a ketogenic state, which means, basically, that it will adapt to use fat as the main energy source instead of carbs. If you know a little bit about nutrition, you know that fat has 9 calories per gram, instead of the 4 calories per gram both protein and carbohydrates have.

ketogenic diet food list pdf

That means you’ll have access to a lot of energy, which is what most athletes need to get through the day. However, there are a few side effects of this change. Your brain’s main energy source is carbohydrates, which means you’ll deprive it slightly of it. This can cause mental fogs, tiredness, and sleepiness in the first days of the diet. That’s why you can’t avoid carbs completely.

There are many good things about this diet, the best one being that you don’t have to give up bacon.

Our food list and diet plan.

We’ve created an easy to use food list and diet plan. The diet plan consists of simple recipes ideas you can make every day within the boundaries of the food list. All you have to do is print it, go to the store and get everything in the list, and start meal prepping for the week in advance. After a month, you should be used to the new way your body will work.

The food list is simple, yet effective. You’ll be able to improvise on the things you eat every day without leaving your diet aside. Note: We don’t recommend using this type of diet without hearing your physician’s opinion first.

Download the best Printable ketogenic diet food list and 30-day plan

Below, you’ll find the two files separately. We recommend that you print and place them on the fridge door. That’s the best way of ensuring you have everything you need to keep the diet going. Are you willing to try it?