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If your children have had some issues learning multiplication, we have the best multiplication tables from 1 to 15 right here to help them out. With this fun to use, easy to print, and simple to master tables, your kids will learn multiplication in a glimpse. Are you ready to help them?

Free printable multiplication tables from 1 to 15 (pdf)

If your children are not getting along with math and multiplication, maybe our multiplication tables from 1 to 15 can help them – along with you, of course. Some parents believe that learning is done at school, still, if you’re really interested in helping your children reach their learning goals and improve their grades, you need to put up the hard work. Multiplication has been the definition of nightmares – some times, literal nightmares – for some of us, which is why a little bit of help can make a huge difference. 

That’s why here at PrinterFriendly, we have created the most useful, interactive, and simple multiplication tables you can use to make that happen. Check out the best ways of helping kids learn quickly how to multiply with your help.

How to help your kids master multiplication?

There are many ways in which you can help kids learn their multiplication tables, but let’s get a little bit scientifical first by stating a few facts. It’s been proven that at least 60% of humans are visual learners. This means that there’s a huge possibility that your children and yourself are too. 

If that’s the case, then our multiplication table from 1 to 15 will be extremely helpful. Here’s how to harness its benefits:

  • Download and print out at least three sheets with our multiplication tables.
  • Post them in specific places that are accessible to him, like the kitchen, the fridge, in front of his bed, in the bathroom door, etc. 

Fridge multiplication tables

  • And let the magic happen.

Your children will look at the table wherever they go. They will look at it distractedly, but their brains will pay attention. Suddenly, when they’re on a test, they will remember the tables easily without a lot of practice.

Download the multiplication tables from 1 to 15 here

Here, you can download for free the two different versions available of the same multiplication tables from 1 to 15. 

In PDF version to print it with just a few clicks. We recommend that you print them in large sheets, as they will be easier to see.

Multiplication tables from 1 to 15 excel

And in XLSX versionso you’re able to modify it, maybe by adding a few blank spaces here and there to challenge kids even more. This works wonders to test them along with the fillable version.