The usual tasks of daily life, including household chores, office work, school, and studies, can often leave us feeling drained. Games, whether indoor or outdoor, can help us recharge and fill us with positivity, enthusiasm, and fun.

The time we spend playing games is worth every second and brings us joy. Outdoor games have specific requirements for open spaces and specific fields. Moreover, they also depend on the time of the day, and they cannot be played at night.vSocial games have no limitations and can be enjoyed along with your friends and family within the confines of your home.

Outside of popular games like Yahtzee, Dot and Boxes and Tic Tac Toe we wanted to give you some fresh indoor game ideas. Below is the list of many popular recreational activities played in different countries of the world.

1. Tambola

Tambola, also known as Housie and Bingo, is an interesting indoor game. It is a multiplayer game and is enjoyed at parties, kitty parties, and family and friends get-togethers.

In this game, players receive cards or tickets. Each ticket consists of a grid of three rows and nine columns. Five numbers are printed randomly in each row. Fifteen numbers are present on each ticket. One of the players or the host calls out a number, and every player has to search for it in their ticket and cross it out. The one who is able to cross out all the numbers in each row or a complete ticket is the winner and gets a prize.

2. Dumb Charades

Dumb charades is another fun-filled family game. It does not include any board or ticket. It can be played with any number of people. Players are divided into teams. One team gives the task of guessing the name of a movie or a song to one of the players of the opposite team.

The partner has to convey the name according to their own creativity and they have to guess the name of the movie or the song. It is a funny game and acting and guessing make it more enjoyable.

3. Ludo

Ludo is a popular board game enjoyed by children throughout India. It is a game comprised of four players and has four different colored tokens and a die with numbers one through six.

The center of the board is the home space, where all the players start. Each player can choose a color and place their tokens in their respective home space.

The player rolls the dice and moves according to the number of the dice. The one who was able to place all four tokens inside their home space first is the winner.

4. Card Games

Card games are the most popular indoor games that can be played with your friends and family. It is played with a deck or pack of identical playing cards. The card has two sides, the outer side is the same as a deck and the inner side contains unique pictures and numbers.

The playing cards are shuffled before starting a game. There are a number of card games to be played with family and kids. Some popular card games are Cheat, Fan Tan, Rummy, Euchre, Poker, Hearts, Crazy Eights Countdown, Blitz, Kings in the Corner, and Spades.

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5. Snake and ladder 

Snake and ladder is also an Indian board game popular among natives. It consists of a colorful board with a grid numbering 1 to 100. Many snakes and ladders connecting two squares of the grid are located on it. One rolls a dice to move their piece.

The player has to move the token according to the number on the dice. The snake pulls the token to a lower number but a ladder takes the token to a higher level. The player that reaches 100 points first is the winner.

6. Chess

Chess with its origin in India is a popular indoor game played worldwide. It is a two-player board game. The chessboard has a network with 64 squares arranged in eight by eight grids. 

There are dark and light sets of chess pieces including the king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns. Each set is kept on the opposite side of the chessboard. The aim is to checkmate the other player’s king.

7. Carrom

This game was developed in India, and the meaning of the word is strike and rebound. It is also a well-known game, played on a 29-inch wooden square board with four pockets at each corner.

Each pocket is covered by a net to hold the carrom discs. Small, circular, white, and black-colored wooden discs called carrom men and a red-colored queen are needed to play this game.

A striker is used to move the carom men to the pockets of the board. The queen must be taken with a black or white piece.

Discover interesting ways to enjoy your time

The recent pandemic has affected us all, and so we have had to stay indoors. Both kids and adults have had to do all their tasks while remaining at home. Office work and online school have made us all lethargic. Playing indoor games during the weekends has been a respite. You can get printable games and free downloading templates on a variety of websites.