bubble letter Z blue

Are you looking for some bubble letter ‘Z’ and more ideas to put in jewelry? Find here the best letter ideas to create beautiful letter-based jewelry. Anything from plastic made earrings, to golden necklaces can be made with these templates. Are you in to create the perfect gift jewelry? Read on.

Printable letter ‘Z’: Trace in bubble letter, block, graffiti, and fancy fonts

To create customized jewelry, you need an idea, a design, and a good method to materialize that design. We can help you out with some ideas to get this done in several ways. But, why customized jewelry? Because it’s the perfect gift for those who love it, whether they prefer fancy or funkier designs.

How to create customized jewelry?

Creating customized jewelry is not that hard. You can create just about anything if you have a design. In the case of jewelry, you can do it in several ways, but here we’ll talk about two.

  • Homemade jewelry: This is the cheapest method, but also the one that gives you full creative freedom. You can use any material you want, from plastic shapes to recycled metal, and even bought materials.
  • Professional custom-made jewelry: This one is a more expensive method, but it grants that you get a highly durable, professional-made jewelry piece that can satisfy more expensive tastes.

For both methods you’ll need a design, making it one of the most important parts of the process. Check some ideas below.

Bubble letter ‘Z’

This bubble letter ‘Z’ is perfect to create jewelry for kids. Homemade is a better method to create jewelry for kids, especially for small kids under the age of 10. Why? Because not all children will pay attention to whatever they’re wearing. You wouldn’t want them to throw away their silver letter ‘B’ necklace while playing outside, would you?

Block ‘Z’

This one is simple. The block letter ‘Z’ is good if you have a good design that doesn’t need a flashy font. Don’t get us wrong, it looks great on its own, especially in glass or ceramic made ankle bracelets with tons of color.

block letter Z

Fancy letter ‘Z’

This fancy letter ‘Z’ looks great in bracelets with slim and simple floral details. It also goes great with golden or gold-coated jewelry of any kind. We do recommend using it with necklaces, as it’s a safe place for a letter design that’s so slim.

Graffiti ‘Z’

This one is the perfect design to recreate in colorful plastic. It goes great with earrings and even hair accessories of any kind both for kids and teenagers.

Download this letter ‘Z’ designs here

These designs are simple letters, but they can become a highly valued piece of jewelry or accessory if you have the skill or budget. If you want more ideas, check out the letter ‘Y’ and the letter ‘X’ designs.