Budgeting for a household can be very tricky – even just working with one other person can expand expenses and make things more complicated. Having children is even more work – just take a look at this article on how expensive it was to raise a child in the UK in 2019. This doesn’t mean your financial health has to suffer to have a family though! Take a look at our household budget worksheets to start working through your finances in a cohesive way.

Monthly household budget tracker

An important thing to track for a household budget is the difference between your budgeted expenses and your actual expenses. Presumably you already set aside savings money in advance, so what to do with that leftover money at the end of the month? If you don’t have kids yet but are planning to (or are planning to pursue further education yourself), add that money to your college fund. Or throw it back into your investments! You could treat yourself, or you could make that money work for you and your family in the future.

To download the above household budget as a PDF, click here.

Yearly household budget tracker

The above sheet gives you the opportunity to budget for an entire year. For end of the year review, you have handy total areas that will give you the main information you need. If you need another type of yearly budget tracker, check out our yearly budget worksheets. You can also pair these yearly budget sheets with a monthly one. Break it down and it becomes more manageable, while still having a yearlong plan for the big picture.

To download the above household budget tracker as a PDF, click here.

Household budget spreadsheet

If none of the predetermined categories work for you, the above worksheet is blank so you can add your own specific needs. After you spend one month working with the above sheet, you can edit the PDF to put your own categories in so it becomes standardized throughout the year.

To download the above budget worksheet as a PDF, click here.