Everyone wants the best day of your life to be as perfect as it can be. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your financial health for the sake of that one day. After all, you have a whole life of expensive adventures ahead of you! In this post, we have three wedding budget worksheets for you to try out.

Wedding budget planner

Budgeting for a wedding can get expensive quickly. This article has some great tips for how to keep your wedding expenses down. One thing they suggest which cuts down on vendor expenses is asking for help with the wedding in lieu of a gift – if you have a musician friend, try and see if their performance fee would equal what they would spend to buy you a present. (Obviously, don’t take advantage of your friends, but if they are willing and it makes sense, why not?)

To download the above planner as a PDF, click here.

Wedding budget worksheet

You might want an incredibly personalized wedding, which will make your day even more special, but might confuse your carefully laid-out budget tracker. No worries! The spreadsheet above leaves you plenty of room to add your own categories while still maintaining the basics.

To download the above wedding planner as a PDF, click here.

Wedding budget with honeymoon section

Our final budget sheet incorporates your honeymoon! Because let’s face it, the wedding is great, but who isn’t excited to get away from friends and family and spend quality time with your new spouse. If you budget your honeymoon into the wedding expenses, you won’t be surprised and you might be willing to be a bit more frugal at the reception for the sake of affording that honeymoon suite.

To download the above worksheet as a PDF, click here.


-Literal tips! Don’t forget that an added expense of a wedding is to tip the vendors. (This is another reason to do things yourself).

-Wedding planning is a great time to think about how your finances fit together. Get a jump on your first year of marriage with our yearly budget worksheet or our household worksheet – Start your married life by being financially healthy!