Budgeting is difficult, especially in a time where employment is tenuous and money is tight. At Printer Friendly, we have compiled a wide range of worksheets and templates for you to figure out how to track your income and spending. Our first set of worksheets are general budget forms and divided by time category, such as yearly, monthly, and weekly. If you click on an image, it will link you to the Printer Friendly page where you can download and print those images for free.

Are all these worksheets overwhelming for you? We suggest setting out a budget with your friends/family, and being gentle with yourself. Budgeting is hard! But you’re taking the right step by searching for useful tools.

These next budget forms are specifically geared towards time periods. As most rents and other recurring payments are done by the month, we start with monthly worksheets. We also have weekly and yearly ones, if you need to look at either the small or big picture!

Our final set of budgets is for specific needs. We have a household budget, which is specifically geared towards multiple incomes as well as the presence of children (cuz let’s be real, kids cost a lot!) And we also have wedding budget sheets, because all that planning also costs a lot! Use them together to start your married life off right – this might be especially useful if you’re bringing kids into the marriage at the start – figure out where your combined finances are and make sure you prepare for your life together.

Need more tips? Here are some fun and easy ways to work on your saving (which makes the rest of the budgeting that much easier!)