Check out here the best free, printable 7th-grade math worksheets in PDF to prepare your kids for their next mathematical challenge. Are you worried that your kids won’t fully understand 7th-grade math? Keep reading to find a solution.

Free, printable 7th-grade math worksheets (PDF)

7th grade comes with a plethora of math problems and procedures that pre-teens can have a hard time learning and understanding. It’s the introduction of the simplest concepts of algebra (pre-algebra), as well as a reinforcement of previously known procedures, and their advanced forms. Negative numbers are a huge challenge that not all kids learn immediately, which may make their grades go down significantly. If you’re worried about their performance in math, you’re not alone. We’ve created two different worksheets loaded with t he hardest math exercises they will have to master by the end of 7th grade, starting with simple forms, and finishing with advanced 7th-grade math.

These are the best solution you can use to practice at home. If you’re a teacher, your kids will also benefit from using these free worksheets.

How to use these free math worksheets?

We’ve created worksheets with these procedures:

  • Negative numbers and the four base procedures.
  • Simple form equations (one step)
  • Multi-step equations.
  • Percentage calculation.
  • Decimal and fractions operations

They are very easy to use as well, as we’ve created them to avoid overwhelming kid’s developing minds. Simply print them and guide them as they solve the procedures. We highly recommend that you create simple problems based on the procedures we’ve displayed on our worksheets. Use them as a form of introduction and then test their knowledge with the worksheets.

As we said, these are free to use, download, print, and distribute. You can also pair the worksheets with other resources we’ve created, like our multiplication tables, division tables, fraction to inch conversion chart|, and more.


Check the results to each exercise below.

7th grade math worksheets

7th grade math worksheets


Download the best 7th-grade math worksheets here

Below you’ll find two different worksheets. Students shouldn’t use these without supervision or guidance, as they don’t contain explanations, just exercises. Still, they are highly recommended for tests, refreshing knowledge, and inspiration to create more exercises.

Worksheet 1.

Worksheet 2.