Are you looking for some letter ‘W’ worksheets? Find here the best practice sheets to improve your letter ‘W’. Why should you? Because you’ll be using it a lot in written English. So far, we’ve used it six times. Learn more below – and there goes the seventh.

Cursive ‘W’ practice worksheets: Learn to write letter ‘W’ in uppercase and lowercase

The cursive letter ‘W’ is very interesting. It’s like if you took a cursive ‘V’ at the beginning, and then added an inverted block ‘V’ in the middle, and then keep writing the same ‘V’. Does that make sense? If that explanation didn’t work, worry not, because we’ve created the perfect letter ‘W’ worksheets for you to practice. They only require that you know how to hold a pencil. Let’s get started.

How to write a cursive ‘W’

A cursive uppercase letter ‘W’ is a little tricky. It’s very similar to the letter ‘V’. Starting at the top of the guide line, draw an arch that goes down and to the right. Then, follow the same line down, and draw a tight curve when you reach the bottom line. From there, you need to go up with a straight line to the right and a little before the top of the guide. Then, drop once again with another straight line, and then finish the job repeating the same first line, but pointing to the other side and tilted downwards a little bit.

cursive letter ‘W’ in uppercase and lowercase worksheet

The lowercase version of this letter is the same, but shorter.

Free cursive ‘W’ practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This is the perfect practice to master line sizing. It’s also good to know how to transition between different letters and words, due to the constant line size change. Also, you’ll practice your shapes for each letter.

cursive letter ‘W’ in uppercase and lowercase worksheet

Capital ‘W’ worksheet (uppercase) for kids

This exercise is perfect to practice your vertical curved lines and your straight lines as well. Sincerely, they are fun to draw. You’ll need to start slowly, of course, and once you do it properly you can speed it up. Finally, this exercise will give you better control while writing at a good speed.

cursive letter ‘W’ in uppercase worksheet

Lowercase cursive ‘W’ worksheet

This lowercase cursive ‘W’ worksheet will help you improve your accuracy while writing. Since you can write this letter faster than its uppercase counterpart, you’ll be able to finish the worksheet easily. However, keep in mind that accuracy is better than speed.

cursive letter ‘W’ lowercase worksheet

Print and download cursive ‘W’ worksheets

Download the best cursive letter ‘W’ worksheets below. We’ve created a bundle with all of the worksheets above in PDF so you can print them any time. Also, don’t forget to check out our letter ‘U’ and ‘X’ cursive worksheets. You’ll be writing graceful letters with ease and great speed with them.

Cursive letter ‘W’ worksheets – PDF.