Do you need a 13-team single-elimination bracket? Find here the ultimate design and the best formats to get this bracket here. It’s completely free, and you can use it with any type of sport or competitive event.

13-team single-elimination bracket

Tournaments are the best way of adding competitiveness to any type of sport or game where there are more than three players or teams. Still, even though the possibilities are limitless, not always you can use the best numbers to organize a tourney (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and more). That’s when brackets with odd numbers, like the 13-team single-elimination, come in handy.

This bracket has not been present in big leagues of sports at an official level. However, they do exist and are used in amateur and other non-professional sports events., which are usually the most popular You can use them to determine who earns first place in a tournament of any sport or game of your liking.

Nowadays, you can find different events (not related to sports) that use the single-elimination system for their tournaments. The most common events to use these are e-sports.

How to use this bracket?

To use this bracket you’ll only need to fill the spaces in the sheet.

They are easily printable so you can use pencils or markers to do it.

  1. First, you have to assign a random number to the player or team.
  2. After that, you will need to place all the competitors in their respective places on the sheet in the first round.
  3. As the tournament advances, you can keep track of the advancing teams or players using their assigned number on the bracket.

That’s it! You also have the option of doing it on your mobile devices, like phones or tablets, to keep the event as green as possible. Check out the double-elimination version of the 13-team bracket here.

Download here the best 13-team single-elimination bracket

You can easily download the bracket with just one click from the links below. These brackets don’t showcase any logo or watermark from our website. They actually have one of the most simple design, so anyone can use it.

13-team single-elimination

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