Let’s face it: not everyone is skilled enough to write paragraphs in straight lines on a blank paper. Keeping one’s written notes properly aligned and well-spaced helps not only the teacher but the student as well. But college ruled paper is not limited to school writing.

Lined College-Ruled Paper to Print

No matter how old you are, writing without lines is a skill some of us weren’t born with.

Whether you’re an executive working in the corporate world, a student, or in-between, college ruled lined paper can be really useful outside the classroom. Anywhere you need to take notes. With that, don’t go spending $$$ at Staples or Office Depot when we have three versions of the lined paper that you can download and print out at home. Check ’em out: 


Evenly-spaced horizontal lines help us write more legibly. The extra space between each line makes it easier for anyone to read the sentences. And since our downloadable basic college ruled paper pattern is available free of charge, you can just print it on a blank sheet and write as much as you need. 


When writing, most of us like to maximize our paper space. However, this creates a problem when we need to compile our notes and have it binded in a slide folder or a ring binder. This is where a college ruled binder paper comes in.

Just like a college ruled paper, a binder paper pattern is filled with horizontal lines to guide your writing. What makes it different from a normal college ruled paper is the presence of a vertical line on the binding side. This vertical line serves to help remind and guide you on the safe margins for writing on the paper, as the line marker segregates a portion for binding purposes.

You can download a ready-to-print copy of this PDF here for free.


The precursor of the now-popular dot grid paper, the college ruled graphing paper has been one of the most useful and versatile among college ruled papers. While its primary use is for mathematical notes like equations, graphs, geometric shapes, or even charts, graphing paper enables you to also structure your written notes. Instead of mere sentences and paragraph, you can easily jot down notes in bulleted points, tables, or even correlative mind-mapping sketches.

While you can spend money on a graphing notebook, you might find it more convenient and practical to just download our PDF copy for free and print as much or as little as you need.