These days, video games have become a technological marvel. They include crazy graphics and game play that can grab the player and completely transport him to an all new world. The details and audio effects have become so real that it’s difficult to tell that it’s a game.

Every year, newer graphic cards and processors are being launched that keep pushing gaming to newer heights. In the last few years, technology like Virtual Reality is also making the experience of playing games much more immersive. You can print out games during the pandemic, find games that exist solely on your phone or play games in real time via Apple’s Facetime.

Old school games to play during the coronavirus lockdown

Gaming has also started coming with high stakes and one can even play traditional casino slot machines and make a lot of money that way. While some experienced players might know how to become a high roller, most people still like to sit down with their families and just play for the good old joy of playing. Many people play old video games just to experience the nostalgia of an era when video games were mostly 8 bit and the game play was simple and straightforward. Most of these games that came on Nintendo or Atari consoles can now be played straight off your browser. Perhaps it’s time once again to revisit some of these retro games. Here’s a few ideas.


Contra will always be remembered to be one of the first adventure and high-energy video games ever. Launched by Konami in the 1980s, the game involves a Rambo-like character who’s on a mission to shoot everything on sight to save the world from weird aliens that have taken over. The gameplay will keep you on your toes and the music is outstanding. The best part about the gameplay is that different kinds of shooting power that the character has.

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros is hands down the most popular video game in the world ever. It’s one of those old school games that most would think of if they considered dusting off games from their childhood.

Anyone who grew up in the 80s is familiar with the game that features an Italian man in overalls running around in a strange mystical land jumping on characters and trying to save a princess. Super Mario Bros 3 was an even better version of the original because in this Mario could even grow a tail and fly for short distances. Super Mario Bros was the game that brought in a fortune for Nintendo so much so that even in recent years when they announced an iPhone version, their stock prices started peaking.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island is almost like Super Mario Bros in the sense that it’s about a man in a hurry. This one is on a wonderful island with snakes and fires to stop him achieving his goal. There are fruits along the way that he has to grab to keep his health in check as he jumps all across the island to save a damsel in distress.

Kung Fu Remix

Kung Fu remix is the game that brought back the love for martial arts among kids in the 1980s. As a kung fu master, your mission is to fight your way through the goons who keep trying to stop you. At the end of each round you are face to face with another master who has crazy fighting skills. You need to use your limited techniques to defeat him and move on to the next round.

There are many more games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda that also make for fun times with your family.