CBT worksheets

Are you looking for a CBT worksheet to help you overcome your worries and fears? We have the right one for you right here, and the best part; it’s free. Keep reading to learn more.

CBT Worksheet

A CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy worksheet allows you to become aware of the process your brain takes towards certain behaviors after stimuli or occurrence.

For example, someone talks to you, and shares criticism about the way you behave.

Now, you can just react poorly, enlarging the situation to unimaginable lengths. However, if you pace your every thought and emotion, you’ll be in more control of the situation and the way you behave about it.

That’s the power that a simple worksheet gives you.

How to use this worksheet?

This worksheet is very simple in nature, but one cannot diminish its effectiveness based on that – quite the contrary.

What this sheet does is:

  • It asks you and allows you to explore your fears in a calmed and safe environment.
  • Answering the information the worksheet asks allows you to possibly change the way you perceive certain events, and even achieve a favorable outcome.
  • This is something you can do whenever you become aware of a difficulty coming your way.

Simply use this worksheet as a log or along a diary to write down the way you feel about something, and the best possible outcome you can achieve by controlling your emotions and behavior.

Download the best CBT worksheet below

Below you’ll find the download link to the CBT worksheet in PDF format. Keep in mind that you can always download and print as many as you need, specially if you are yet to overcome more than one fear.

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  • CBT worksheet – PDF