Are you looking for some letter ‘X’ worksheets? Find here one of the best resources available to you for free to learn how to write a beautiful letter ‘X’. This is a very simple letter that can be improved easily in cursive writing. Read on to learn more.

Cursive ‘X’ practice worksheets: Learn to write the letter ‘X’ in uppercase and lowercase

The cursive letter ‘X’ is recognized as one of the simplest letters in the alphabet, however, you can add some flair to it. In this simple guide, we’ll show you how to write a beautiful letter ‘X’ that will stand out in anything you write.

This is also a great letter to use as an exercise to improve your transition between strokes and directions, making your writing more fluid and improving your kid’s writing performance. Let’s get into it.

How to write a cursive ‘X’

The uppercase and the lowercase version of this letter are the same, just in different sizes. Starting slightly below the upper guideline, you must draw a small diagonal line that goes up until it touches the line. Immediately after, drop down to the right diagonally until you reach the bottom line, and then do a similar small line to the one that starts the letter.

letter 'X' worksheets

After that, you just have to do the same shape, but inverted. Start down with the small curve, go to the right diagonally until you reach the top guideline, and drop down with the same small curve. The lowercase version is the same, but shorter. Keep in mind that the small curves that start and finish both crossed lines are what give this letter a little bit of fanciness.

Free cursive ‘X’ practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This free exercise sheet will allow you to practice your transition between letters of different sizes, as well as direction changes in different letters. Finally, it’s perfect if you want to learn how to add small peaks to other letters to make them cuter.

uppercase and lowercase 'X' worksheets

Capital ‘X’ worksheet (uppercase) for kids

This individual letter ‘X’ uppercase worksheet will allow you to master the shape and strokes of the ‘X’ in all its versions. We highly recommend that you do it slowly at first and write through a couple of these worksheets to achieve this.

Lowercase cursive ‘X’ worksheet

This lowercase cursive ‘X’ worksheet will help your kids develop size awareness easily. Not only that, but it will also improve their writing speed immensely. We recommend this worksheet and the letter ‘W’ worksheet as the best to achieve good writing speed.

letter 'X' worksheets uppercase

Print and download cursive ‘X’ worksheets

Download the best cursive letter ‘X’ worksheets below. We’ve created a bundle with all of the worksheets above in PDF so you can print them any time. Check out our letter ‘W’ and ‘Y’ worksheets to master cursive writing quickly.

  • Cursive letter ‘X’ worksheets – PDF.