Dots and boxes is a fun game that many people have played in the past which makes it really easy to play when you’re bored. The basic goal is to create boxes on a dot grid. If you don’t know how to play or you need more in-depth rules, check out this post. In this post, we have multiple dot grids for you to use for the game.

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Dot grids

A standard dot grid is most commonly used for dots and boxes. You can draw your own grid, but why go through that hassle? We have different sizes of grids for you, including a massive one which would take a while to finish! For younger players, you’ll want to use a smaller grid so the game doesn’t drag on for too long. We not only have regular square grids, but also hexagonal and triangle grids for you to challenge yourself while playing. If you want to use colored markers and use solid grid paper, check out this post.


Dots and Boxes Rules

The game’s rules are easy but you might need a refresher. Players go back and forth and draw lines between the dots with the goal of creating boxes. When a player completes a box, they get to color it in or write their initials inside. Then they are able to place another line. Here we have some diagrams showing how the game works and also some strategies that can be helpful while playing. The diagrams show the game starts and then how it might continue to progress. The final image shows ways that a player could get multiple boxes in one turn.

Are you interested in learning more about the strategies you can use in dots and boxes? Check out this post: it gives ideas about how to use every line to your advantage. It also gives some history to the game, as well as variations from different countries and cultures! There is also information on a board game that works in a similar manner.

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