multiplying fractions

Multiplying fractions can be a really hard concept for kids to grasp, which is why you have to offer them the proper tools and a lot of motivation by being involved in their education. Are you doing this?

Fraction multiplication answers #1
1) 3/16 9) 2/15
2) 2/5 10) 5/21
3) 7/16 11) 3/10
4) 2/9 12) 1/9
5) 1/15 13) 3/11
6) 1/10 14)  1/24
7) 1/5 15) 3/5
8) 16/35 16) 38/3

Printable multiplying fractions worksheets.

Because the importance of kids knowing basic math is vital, we’ve created a few different printable worksheets with the most important math procedures. They are easy to apply and awesome to assess your kid’s math skills. If you’re an involved parent, then you probably want to provide them with the best possible education, and even more, prepare them for a highly competitive world.

These multiplying fractions worksheets are simply the best tool you can get to ensure your kids know what they should. Plus, they’re also very easy to use.

Teach kids how to multiply fractions.

Teaching your kids to multiply fractions will be the easiest task with these worksheets. Here’s how to do it:

  • Ask your kids to explain how to multiply fractions. This will give you an insight of how they understand the procedure. You’ll have to correct them if they’re wrong.
  • They’re usually correct, but lack the confidence or practical knowledge to solve math problems.
  • With our worksheets, simply let them practice. Don’t pay to much attention to them (but don’t let them cheat). This will eliminate the pressure most of them feel while solving math equations.
  • Once they solve the problem, correct if they need it, and explain the concept again. This will take time and patience, but if you do it, it will take less time than if a teacher or someone else did it.

You can use these steps to teach them anything.

multiplying fractions

Harder fraction multiplication answers #2
1) 1/10 9)3/8
2)1/48 10) 5/33
3)4/9 11)1/28
4)11/70 12)1/5
5) 77/450 13)7/30
6)3/35 14)2/27

Download the best printable multiplying fractions worksheets here.

We’ve created two worksheets with different exercises of varying difficulty for this specific math procedure. Make sure to check out the ones about adding and subtracting fractions, and dividing fractions as well. These will help you ensure that your kid masters everything related to fractions and ace through elementary schools.

Multiplying fractions 1.

Multiplying fractions 2.