adding fractions

Fraction additions answers sheet #1
1) 10/7 9) 2140/999
2) 27/8 10) 283/78
3) 37/7 11) 1195/136
4) 20/3 12) 771/1376
5) 33/4
6) 101/10
7) 1095/91
8) 83/24

Not only kids are required to learn fractions in 4th grade, but also to master them and the procedure of adding fractions with different denominators. Do you want to help them?

Printable addition fractions worksheets (with different denominators)

Adding and subtracting fractions is part of the concepts kids should know and master in fourth and fifth grade. To achieve this, they need to know what a fraction means, and how they’re related to decimals. You can easily achieve that with our fraction charts.

The next step after that is to ensure they know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. This knowledge will be a big part of their short-term academic life, so if you help them out, the outcome will be much better.



fraction subtraction

Fraction subtractions answers #2
1) 0 9) 1190/999
2) 3/8 10) -67/78
3) 13/3 11) -79/136
4) 10/9 12) -3/1376
5) 23/4
6) 49/10
7) 647/91
8) 239/8

But how can you help them?

Help your kids master this skill.

Luckily, helping them is the easiest part. Kids have a lot of potentials to learn math, which is why you have to have different resources to ensure this. The best and simplest thing you can do is to be involved in his education, by asking him questions, and keeping up with his grades.

If something’s failing, you’ll know faster how to help them. If the issue they’re having is adding fractions, then you can easily help them by practicing at home. There’s no magic trick that can surpass good old practice.


fraction subtraction

The exercises available get harder as kids advance through them.

That’s why we’ve created these worksheets so you can help them practice and test their knowledge easily at home.

Download the best adding and subtracting fractions worksheets here.

Below, you’ll find two worksheets of very high-quality and value that will help your kids master adding and subtracting fractions. They come with simple, intermediate, and advanced levels that will help you assess your kid’s skill in this vital part of math. You can either print them or simply visualize them on any digital device that has a PDF reader app or software.

Fraction adding.

Fraction subtraction.