first grade worksheets

Download here the best, free, printable first grade worksheets for math, reading, and more (PDF). These are the most useful resources to ensure your kids are ready to face 1st grade and not be overwhelmed by so many new concepts. Learn more below.

Free printable first-grade worksheets for math, reading, and more (PDF)

First grade is when real structured learning starts. Some kids, almost most of them, are not ready for it. They think learning is what they know up to that point; kindergarten. That’s why using these resources is vital, as it will ensure they are ready to learn the way they will do it until they graduate from college. Are you helping them correctly?

We’ve created three different worksheets to help parents introduce common concepts to kids. They include reading, reading comprehension, writing, addition, subtraction, and early introduction to multiplication. That’s the best way of ensuring kids are more than prepared to go to school and face the new challenges of first grade (and more ahead).

How to use our worksheets?

These worksheets were created with a plethora of useful exercises and basic problems for you to use with your kids at home. We suggest that you start with reading and writing exercises since those are the things they will be doing the most in first grade. The exercise we’ve created include basic reading comprehension with short stories and questions after. Writing comes second with some basic writing drills. You can also check out other writing drills we’ve created. That will highly improve their writing skills and speed.

first grade worksheets

Math is also important, but you must approach it with extra patience, especially because they’re still learning basic concepts like how form numbers, count up to a thousand, and more. Start with explaining basic addition and subtraction, just to refresh their knowledge. Then, use the simple operations in these worksheets to evaluate them.

Once you finish using the worksheets, you’ll have a rough idea of where is your kid in terms of knowledge and practical problem-solving skills. You can then share the results with his teachers to ensure they put a little bit more effort into teaching them the areas they may lack the skill or have more trouble with.

Download the best first grade worksheets for free here

We’ve created three different worksheets that will help your kid greatly. The first one is for reading comprehension. The second one is all about basic addition, subtraction, and early introduction to multiplication. And the third one is a basic writing drill, for them to improve their letters and writing speed.

first grade worksheets

Make sure to be present to respond to their doubts and guide them as they solve the worksheets.