It’s February everyone so that means March Madness is around the corner. There’s a lot to basketball to be played. Obviously no teams haven’t been chosen to even play in the tournament yet. Still, you want to proactively wager. At this point and as of this post, which teams should one be considering to take home the NCAA Men’s Basketball title?

Where to Bet Early for March Madness?

There’s obviously a lot of choices when it comes to deciding where to put your money during the madness of March – 65 to be exact. So when you figure out who you think will be the last one standing coming out of the March Madness bracket, you have a few choices to put your money where your mouth is. You can walk into your local casino, head to Vegas and head straight to the sportsbook, or like most of the country that doesn’t have a nearby casino, there are always online casinos to virtually stake your claims early. Whomever you choose

How to Bet Early for March Madness

If you want to get your bets in early to get more favorable odds, what should be taken into consideration and how does one make that decision with several games left in the season? Simple, the answer is scientifically of course; using the cumulative information and data that’s readily available to you — odds are great that the top teams as voted on by the media are near locks to make the tournament. You’re not just going to pick a random team — you have to take educated risks to give you the best chances.

For example, if you were to take the latest USA Today Poll of the NCAA’s top men’s teams in college basketball as your source of truth and fact, you could look at their top four or five teams and choose from there. There’s #1 ranked Michigan St. at 24-3 right above Villanova and Virginia at 23-2. And as the fourth ranked team in the nation, Xavier has a record of 23-3. Those are some powerhouse teams that have thus far proven to be the best teams in the season.

From there, history matters. Michigan State has consistently been one of the best teams in college basketball over the last couple decades while Villanova has been successful as of late while Virginia and Xavier are two teams that don’t have that championship pedigree — having never made it to the NCAA championship game. Would you want to bet that 2018 would be their first year.

Of course, more should be considered, but in a nutshell we believe looking at current rankings and the team’s performance history are two big factors when placing bets on the next March Madness champion.