Find here the best printable storyboard template you can download for free. We’ve created three different designs that will allow you to get started with your classic animation projects, practice with reals sheets, and your drawing with pencils. Keep reading to learn more.

Free blank storyboard template in printable PDF

Animation is nowadays a very useful tool for all kinds of projects, regardless of the topic, mostly since it’s no longer perceived as an only-for-kids thing. Quite the contrary; good animation can illustrate any point as concisely and efficiently as any other form of communication.

If you’re an animation student or aspiring animator, you must know how to do this on paper. It’s cheaper, simpler, and doesn’t require you to have access to high-end tools to get it done. That’s why we’ve created four amazing storyboard templates for you to download for free. Check them out below.

Basic storyboard template with horizontal panels

This simple storyboard template will give you all the horizontal space you need to plan out wide scenes easily. You can use it to create landscape doodles that will become, with the magic of classic drawing or digital animation tools, parts of whatever your imagination can create.

Basic template storyboard horizontal

Basic design with small panels

This template design comes with smaller horizontal panels that can accommodate horizontal drawings as well as longer action/dialogue descriptions. We highly recommend this one if you want to draw interactions between different characters.

Small panels template

Storyboard template with square panels

If you want to draw close-up scenes, this is the template design you should use. It’s perfect to draw simple faces and details that can then be animated. It also has space to add monologues or thought descriptions. It’s perfect to adapt comic books.

square panel storyboard template

Large vertical panel design

Finally, this template comes with a large vertical panel you can use top-down views and more alike. It’s also perfect to draw characters or buildings, and it also comes with useful dialog and action tags.


Download the best printable storyboard templates for free

Below, you’ll find the storyboard templates shown above. Keep in mind that these are free to download, use, and reproduce. Also, even if you print them out, they are much cheaper than buying a storyboard notebook specifically made for this. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use them with other digital tools that can process JPG files, which you’ll also find below.

Kick-start your animation career for free with these templates.

  • Basic horizontal panel template – PDFJPG
  • Small panels template – PDFJPG
  • Square panels template – PDFJPG
  • Vertical panel template – PDFJPG