Having a good, accessible printer at your disposal is super important. Not having a home printer could be costly. Say you quickly need to print something out because you have a deadline to beat, and you do not have time to rush to the office, have access to a public (free) printer, and don’t have time to ask your friend to print out for you.. Needing a printer and not having access to one is a common issue; a small time problem that qualifies as an inconvenient annoyance.

The 5 Best Home Printers under $200

Due to the amount of options for printers on the market, deciding on the best home printer could give you a headache. We will review some of the most affordable home printers looking at the specs, details and prices available. We hope to provide you a list of the best home printers under $200, that offers you the best value for your money.

We will explore the pros and cons of each home printer and go through a detailed review of each one of them.

1. HP DeskJet 4155e Wireless Printer

You can compare the HP DeskJet 4155e to the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 because they’re very similiar. The only difference between the two printers is that you get a six-month supply of free ink when you sign up for an HP+ subscription. The 4155e is a color InkJet printer. It has a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder, allowing you to scan various media with ease.

Unfortunately, it fails in practically every other way. It could get discouraging from low page yields to unacceptably high cost-per-print to slow printing rates. It also has a limited color range and poor color accuracy, and it prints subpar photos without borderless printing capabilities.

Fortunately, its good connectivity choices allow you to print from various devices, and the HP Smart mobile app makes it simple for you to use and monitor.

Pros Cons
XL and XXL cartridges are available. It does not support borderless printing.
The flatbed scanner has good resolution and color depth. The color accuracy is not perfect.
It only has one color cartridge.

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Does the HP DeskJet 4155e come with its own ink?

It comes with “starter” ink. It is enough to print 20-30 pages.

Does the HP DeskJet 4155e work without connecting to Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can connect this printer to a computer with the USB A to B cable. If you do not have a USB cable, you need to purchase one.

Is the HP DeskJet 4155e iOS compatible?

Yes, it is compatible with an iOS device. You’ll need to install the free HP Smart app on the device to control the printer.

You can check out the more details and more user reviews of HP DeskJet 4155e here.

2. HP ENVY 6055e Wireless Printer

The HP Envy 6055e All-in-One isn’t as enticing as you would expect. However, if you wish to print from any PC or anywhere outside the office using a mobile device, the 6055e provides one of the most user-friendly mobile printing solutions. If you are one of the people searching for remote printing, this is worth looking for you.

The Envy 6055e’s unique features makes it one of the best home printers under $200. It allows you to print from any location with an internet connection. It is like transmitting documents to the printer over the internet, as simple as from a computer sharing a desk once you install the HP Smart software.

This is available for Windows and macOS as well as Android and iOS handhelds. It initiates a one-time connection through your local network. Connecting using the Wi-Fi Direct is easy, especially if you’re not far away.

The printer’s paper handling restrictions also apply to scanning. The Envy 6055e, unlike all of its competitors, lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF), which is used for scanning multipage documents. You must browse pages one at a time on its flatbed. The whole thing is quite tedious, time-consuming, and limiting. Also, the pages have to be no larger than letter size, something which might not go down well with a couple of folks.

Pros Cons
It has duplex printing. It is slow for such price class.
It prints scans and copies. Faxes are done through the cloud using the HP Smart app. It does not have any automatic document feeder.
You can set it up as an HP Plus printer for six months to get free ink and private printing. It has no control panel or LCD for status information.
The Optional Instant Ink plan can lower print costs. It does not provide the needed info for decoding status lights.
You can print through the cloud from any Windows/ Mac/ iOS/ or Android device.

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Will the HP Envy 6055e work without the color cartridge installed?

Yes. When the tricolor ink cartridge is low or empty, you will take that ink cartridge out. The printer will automatically go into single-cartridge mode. Then, you can print with just the black ink cartridge if you want to. So, you don’t have to replace the tricolor ink cartridge.

Does the HP Envy 6055e work with 5G Wi-Fi?

Yes, this printer is 5 GHz Wi-Fi compatible.

Is the ink cartridge included with the HP Envy 6055e?

Yes, the black and tricolor cartridges are included in the box.

You can check out the more details and more user reviews of HP ENVY 6055e here.

3. Pantum P2502W-W2Q06A Wireless Printer

This mono laser printer is a lot less small in size than many InkJets, making it ideal for use in a home, home office, or micro office with light print needs, a focus on text output, and no need for color. Many of its features, such as paper capacity and speed, are unique.

You do not have to worry about the setup because it is easy to do. It is lightweight and uses only one cartridge.

In addition to making the setup more manageable, the printer’s modest size makes it a pleasant companion for a desktop and a tempting alternative for any business with limited space. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, and USB are all available connection choices, allowing you to place it on any flat surface and print wirelessly if necessary. Its adaptability is further enhanced by a selection of white or black finishes.

Pros Cons
It is not expensive. The paper tends to bend and curl after printing.
It has high-quality text. It only has manual duplexing.
It has solid graphics and photo output. It is unusually noisy when feeding paper.

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Does the Pantum P2502W-W2Q06A print legal size paper 11×14?

Yes, this printer can print the legal size paper. It also prints the paper size: A4 and letter size.

Is the toner included in the Pantum P2502W-W2Q06A?

Yes, it is.

Is the Pantum P2502W-W2Q06A compatible with Windows 7?

Yes, it is.

You can check out the more details and more user reviews of Pantum P2502W-W2Q06A Here.

4. Canon Pixma TR4720 Wireless Printer

If you need a printer, copier, fax, and/or scanner that does its job nicely, this is for you. Beautiful images and its standard automatic document feeder (ADF) make a better bargain than numerous other entry-level family and home office machines – just like its predecessor and the different Pixmas in its price range.

Given the TR4720’s small paper tray and high per-page operating expenses, it is clearly meant for relatively low-volume printing and copying environments. So, if you do not exceed a hundred or so prints per month, this Pixma should be fine for you and your family.

The Pixma, like many other low-cost inkjets, does not divide the four primary process colors into four ink cartridges. The four colors are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, also known as CMYK. It only has two ink tanks: a huge black ink tank and a multicolored cartridge that stores the cyan, magenta, and yellow colors.

The two-tank technique is possibly wasteful compared to printers with four or more ink cartridges. Even if the other two colors have plenty of ink, you would still need to replace the multicolored cartridge as soon as one of its colors runs out. Well, if that’s not a deal-breaker for you, then you can check it out here.

Pros Cons
It has a wonderful print quality especially for photos. Document printing is slow.
It has a small carbon footprint. There is no flash memory device support.
It has a robust feature set including 20-sheet ADF. The ADF is manual-duplexing.
It has a good software bundle. The two-cartridge design is wasteful and there are high running costs.
The print engine is auto-duplexing.

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Does the Canon Pixma TR4720 allow you to print black and white while the color ink is empty?


Will the Canon Pixma TR4720 print on card stock?

Yes, but the ink tends to finish quickly.

Will the Canon Pixma TR4720 print envelopes?

Yes, it will.

You can check out more details and more user reviews of Canon Pixma TR4720 here.

5. Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless Printer

The Canon Pixma TR4520 Wireless Printer is a low-cost option for light-duty family and home-based office printing. It might be slow and expensive to use, as one might expect for an all-in-one at this price. Still, it has a robust feature set and prints remarkably well, especially photographs.

It supports Amazon’s Alexa, like a couple of other printers that you would find, allowing for hands-free printing. It is a good competitor for home office users looking for a low-cost AIO that can do light-duty printing, copying, and scanning.

USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi are the only options for basic connectivity. However, drivers for Android, Fire OS, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile are available. An elementary control panel handles walk-up operations, settings, and navigation.

Pros Cons
It has a wonderful print quality especially when it comes to photos. There is no Wi-Fi Direct.
It has auto-duplexing. The printing of documents is slow.
It has a 20-sheet ADF. It has high running costs.
You get a durable feature set and software bundle for the price.

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Will the Canon Pixma TR4520 print 11×17 papers?

No, the paper sizes supported on the PIXMA TR4520 are 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, Letter, Legal, and U.S. #10 Envelopes.

How much does the Canon Pixma TR4520 weigh?

The PIXMA TR4520 weighs 13.0 lbs.

Does the Canon Pixma TR4520 come with colored ink, or is it just black ink in the box?

Both! Under “What’s in the box” for both the black and the white models, it says: Set of Ink Cartridges (PG-243/CL-244).

You can check out the more details and more user reviews of Canon Pixma TR4520 here.

Buying Guide

With all these laid out, it could still be hard to decide what you want. The good thing is that you’ve got a guide to help you out. Here is what to look out for when getting a new home printer under $200:

  1. Inkjet or Laser? InkJets use ink cartridges, and laser printers use monochrome.
  2. Multifunction printers. Do you want it to scan, fax and print or are you okay with printing alone?
  3. Photo printers. Are you looking to store family photos, or do you want to print out a detailed chart for work?
    Speed, resolution, and color claims. How fast do you want your printer to go? How detailed do you want your print-outs to be?
  4. Connectivity. What sort of connectivity options are you looking for? USB? Wi-Fi? Or something better?
  5. Duplexing. Duplexing is the process of printing or scanning both sides of a sheet without having to flip it over physically. Is this a big thing for you?

Bottom Line

Almost everyone needs a home printer for one reason or the other. Home printers save you money, time, and other resources. They are particularly useful for remote workers to help with tasks at home.

Choosing the right printer is important, so you need to know why you want a printer at home. Once you do that, streamline it to specifications and technicalities. Ask yourself what functionalities you need in your printer. Also, the price should be affordable.

Printerfriend.ly’s Pick from the Best Home Printers under $200

Based on our detailed research and customer reviews of the best home printers under $200, we recommend The Canon Pixma TR4520 inkjet printer. This all-in-one printer produces excellent results in all areas. It is loaded with valuable features like Amazon Alexa speech compatibility, making it ideal for low-volume home workplaces.

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