Dot grid patterns strike a balance between a ruled paper’s implied sense of order, and a blank paper’s promise of freedom. Whether you’re an organized person who just likes to write in orderly lines while making structured graphics like charts or graphs, or a creative person who needs anchor points without being distracted or limited by guides, a dot grid paper is truly a versatile tool for anyone to use.



The most basic of all dot grid designs, the dots in a quadrant-type dot grid are aligned in imaginary horizontal and vertical lines.

Without a doubt, this popular dot grid pattern is everyone’s favorite due to its versatility.

While getting a good dot-grid notebook is nice, you don’t have to spend just to have a good tiled paper. Our quadrant dot grid paper pattern is available as a free downloadable PDF. You can print as much as you want and need!    




If you need to makes triangular sketches, or simply need a skewed guide for your creative purposes, this diagonal dot grid pattern maybe best for you! 

While most artists prefer the more common quadrant-type dot grid, 3D artists may find it advantageous to use diagonal dot grids.

Isometric designs can easily be drawn on this free-to-download diagonal dot grid pattern. 

Give it a try! Download and print a PDF copy of this diagonal dot grid paper for free.




Honeycomb patterns can also be available as a specialized dot grid paper. However, since they are not as common, they might be a bit pricey (if not costly). Fortunately, you can just download and print a PDF of this hexagon dot grid!

This printable dot grid pattern is most useful for chemists and chemistry students. It can also be helpful for some applications of geometry. And some people even use it for playful and imaginative purposes, like tabletop RPG games.