There are a lot of basketball score sheets templates available online which you can download and print easily, but before haphazardly downloading everything and printing them, you should ask yourself: what is my goal or objective for this score sheet?

Not all basketball score sheets are the same. Most are used to simply track the score of a game to evaluate a team’s performance, while individual basketball score sheers are formatted to track individual stats.

Some score books are even specifically customized to target key performance statistics for each player, like focusing on their offensive numbers like points, rebounds and assists or defense aspects like blocks and steals. These numbers may be of interest to the coach who would want to develop, train, and improve their players.

A score sheet can be a basketball coach’s most important tool: either to build a winning team, or to simply help a player break from their limitation and reach their best playing potential.

Here are some examples of a basketball score sheet that you can easily track points and you can download and print for your team:


This scoresheet is straightforward and simple to use: you just need to focus on your team, and record their individual scores and fouls. If your goal is to simply evaluate your team’s scoring capacity, then this downloadable score sheet should be enough for you.

basketball score sheet printable



Comparing your team’s performance versus the opposing team can also be a good gauge to assess the status of your player’s capability. While it does not provide you with all the data you need to effectively develop your player’s skills, this easy-to-print score sheet will give you a quick glimpse on which players did well and how much you need to improve your team.


basketball score card for two teams



By getting a more accurate look at their individual performance, you will be able to clearly pinpoint everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, which will equip you with the information you need to lead them into success!

basketball score sheet for team

You can also download and print this detailed score sheet to get a closer look on each of your player’s game performance by not just tracking points and field goals, but rebounds too.