printable turkey template

Welcome to our online store featuring some of the best printable turkey templates for several common usages like Thanksgiving decorative turkeys and shooting targets – all printable. Check these cool designs below or if you don’t enjoy the designs on this page, you can check out this post for more turkey needs.

Printable turkey templates and cutouts for Thanksgiving, target-shooting, and “disguise a turkey”

Turkeys not only are beautiful birds, but also part of hundreds of years of tradition within American soil. There are many traditions that date back to the settlers, such as hunting turkeys, and preparing delicious dishes with them. With Thanksgiving coming close, we wanted to be prepared ahead, as you probably want, too, and create some awesome designs involving turkeys.

Decorative turkey template.

We’ve created two different templates for you to download for free. The first one is a cartoon turkey template, which is great to help kids with their homework, as inspiration for assignments, coloring, and drawing. It’s a very simple design that you can get either in black and white, to use as a stencil or for coloring, or in full color, to use it as is. You can also use it as decoration.

printable turkey template black and white

Printable turkey target.

The second design is a very cool realistic turkey printable target. If you’re into hunting, you might want to prepare for the hunting season by shooting up some turkey targets. In this design, we’ve taken into account visibility and convenience. You’ll find these targets to be an interesting addition to your shooting range targets. They also come with a line for you to fill different information, like your name and the date.

printable turkey template shooting target

How to use these designs?

To use these designs you simply have to:

  • Download your selected design using the links at the bottom.
  • Print them using the recommended color settings of your printer, or a setting that maximizes visibility. You can also use the black and white setting to get a high quality print of the B&W stencil.
  • And start using them however you want.

Download the best printable turkey targets below

Below, you’ll find the best printable turkey templates and cutouts you can get online. Make sure to print them out before Thanksgiving to prepare for the lovely tradition in time. Make sure to check out more Thanksgiving printable templates for more ideas and resources.