weekly to-do list printable free

When talking about organizing our days, one printable tool is not enough; that’s why we’ve prepared this free, printable weekly to-do list for you. Let’s check it out.

Free, printable weekly to-do list

With this free, printable weekly to-do list you’ll have access to an interesting tool you can use to:

  • Organize your schedule and activities per day.
  • Organize weeks and more tasks in advance.
  • Help your family keep up with the household tasks.
  • And help kids maintain a more efficient schedule.

Children benefit the most from using this list, as they will improve their organization and planning skills. If you’re a bit tired of helping them to finish their homework the night before school because they keep forgetting it, you’ll definitely find this to-do list very helpful.

How to set up this list?

This list is simple. It has all days of the week, a lot of space for all the activities you and your family may need to do, and a few extra spots to write down important notes or reminders.

Here’s what you need to set it up:

  1. Download our list in printable PDF.
  2. Print it on a big sheet that’s easy to see.
  3. Check out the activities you have to do this week.
  4. Write them down in the printed sheet with a marker. You can have your kids use different colors for each activity.
  5. Finally, post it in a place where it’s visible. You can print and make more than one of these lists and post them in several places around the house.

weekly to-do list example

After a while, or exactly 21 days, all members of your family will get used to them and carry out the activities without even looking at it. This format is simple, so if you want a more colorful approach, check out these cute to-do lists.

Download this free, printable weekly to-do list here

Just as everything here at Printerfriendly, you can get this list for free and in three different formats. Each one adapts just fine to different purposes.

weekly to-do list printable free

Click on the image to download

  • JPG: Great for mobile devices and to send it through email.
  • PDF: Print in one click.
  • XLSX: Customizable using Microsoft Excel.